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The department of Neurosurgery & Spine surgery is headed by Dr.Ravindranth Kapu D.N.B ( Chennai), M.N.A.M.S, C.C.I.P.M.F.I.P.M

All minor and major cases related to head and spine are performed in 2 fully equipped theaters specially designed for this purpose. The department is supported by well trained staff and junior doctors taking care of your loved ones with compassion.

The department of Neurological Surgery caters to all the neurological problems under one roof. 

Brain Procedures:

  1. Craniotomies for complex head injuries  
  2. Decompressive craniotomy for stroke 
  3. Complex brain and spine tumor surgeries
  4. Shunt (VP shunt)procedures for hydrocephalus
  5. Lumboperitoneal Shunt (LP shunt) for benign ICT
  6. posterior fossa surgeries
  7. Skull Base surgery 
  8. Endoscopic brain surgery
  9. Aneurysm and Vascular surgery

Spine procedures

  1. Laminectomy
  2. Spine fixation
  3. Cervical disc surgery
  4. Artificial disc surgery
  5. Endoscopic spine surgery
  6. Spine tumor excision 
  7. Deformity correction for Scoliosis
  8. Spine trauma management

Special Interests

  1. Key hole surgery for brain and spine problems
  2. Endoscopic surgery
  3. Skull base surgery for complex tumors
  4. Pain management 







Decompressive craniotomy
Spine Fixation
Anterior Cervical Discectomy
Brain tumor surgery
Spine tumor surgery

Notices and Info

The Cost of treatment differs on individual patient basis

Second Opinion are entertained in presence of the patient.. No second opinion will be given without the presence of the patient